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Growing up in Germany I have always been passionate about healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle. Before I turned my passion into my career, I went to College, and worked in Accounting for many years. Well, I am amazing with Math and Numbers but the Corporate World is just not what my heart was longing for.

Once I discovered the magic of the Transformational Coaching Method (short TCM) my life turned around. First I applied it to my own life, to overcome my struggles that I had carried with me (Growing up with Alcohol at home, Anorexia in my Teens, Fears & Anxiety, Insecurities, an incompatible marriage, Divorce, PTSD symptoms after my Daughter underwent Open-Heart Surgery). The results were so amazing and life-changing to me, I took it to my heart to stop hiding and follow my calling to empower as many humans as I possibly can to live an amazing life.

So here I am today. Coaching Female Business Leaders to overcome Stress, Overwhelm and never ending weight issues, so they can get into their best mental and physical Shape infiltrated with Energy to truly Thrive in Life & Business with Badass Confidence.

To all you Men out there. I will coach you too if we are a good fit. So, don’t hesitate to reach out if you too feel utterly stressed and overwhelmed.

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