Are you struggling? Are you now seeking help with professionals? Is it working? Are you enlightened? Or is your thoughts still clouded and seeking more?

Coaches are a big help. They pick us up and show us not just how to do things, but how to get started as well. The question is, what kind of program do you enroll to? Should it be a 1-on-1 coaching where you can get to pour out everything? Or will group programs get a kick on you, where you get to know more people to share your thoughts with, and learn from as well?

Each program has its own unique way of honing an individual and equip each one of us a skill or trait that’ll be very useful on our own journeys. And as much as we are different from one another, each program has its own pros and cons.

Let’s now talk about my experience. My first choice was group coaching. It was nice being able to learn and get inspired through others stories but it was also taking a bite at me. I started to compare myself and my business standing to them. Aside from the emotional baggage I was not getting enough time. 30 minutes to finish an activity was a very short period of time to finish the goals meant for that session, and aside from the fact that there were times when I wasn’t comfortable enough to discuss some matters in front of others. And that was the moment I realized this is not the right coaching plan for me.

So if you feel stuck and struggling even after being consistently going through group coachings, it’s okay, I know how you feel because I’ve been there myself. I’ve invested much on getting into great group programs. But other than learning from the experience of others, there is still no clarity on my next move. I am still confused and wary as to how I would even begin my next step. And so I switched.

The one-on-one coaching gave me more focus. The focus was only on me, and there was no one there for me to compare myself and my business to. I was less conscious and more carefree. I was able to open up more and talk about things I wasn’t comfortable to talk about during my group coachings. There were more time to talk and more time to assess the emotional baggage that was blocking my success. The focus was on me and me alone. The steps were more personalized to fit my needs and it was easier to follow and accomplish. There was also more connection between me and my coach. It was certainly worth the price.

The one-on-one coach I worked with helped me realize the heavy emotional baggage I was dragging. And he helped me release it step by step. He proved that to be such a successful coach you need to have a clear message to your client, a clear goal, and you need to constantly show up. You also need to show your sincerity so that the other person can feel it and become comfortable working with you.

The whole experience of having my own one-on-one coach was like an express button to me. I was able to attract clients more naturally and swiftly.

I may have started on the wrong track, but I was able to get on the right one just on time. Struggles are part of the journey and is a sign of growth. And so both experience was worth it in the end. If you are having struggles no matter what stage you are in, try finding what works for you. And if you’ll be needing a one-on-one personal coach who can resonate with you and help you the way she was helped, call me or send me a message. My goal is to help you get your business going and help you get the right clients flowing.

If you need help, I am here for you. Let’s let the magic begin.