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“As a busy professional I have had to juggle work, family and personal needs for years. Like most women I generally placed myself last on this list, increasingly neglecting myself. I ended up stressed, overweight and constantly tired with multiple health issues. I tried different things to improve this but was inconsistent with my efforts and invariably gave up again. Analena helped turn this around. She first helped me define my goals, then put me on the path to achieving them. Analena was supportive but always held me accountable when I did not follow up on plans or fell back into old habits. She had helpful tips and information available to motivate me. She pushed without being preachy and helped put me back on the path to better health and wellbeing. Thank you Analena for all your hard work!”


“I’ve never been somebody to join a fitness club and I was not eating well, and was drinking mainly coffee. As a result I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my own body. I didn’t know what to do next. Then I decided for the first time in my life to really invest in myself and work with a Health Coach. Analena, thank you for tailoring a program for me to get used to drink more water and establish healthy eating habits as well as motivating me to lose weight. Thanks a million! This has been truly life changing.”

L. Benjamin

“Analena is the wonderful transformational coach. She is highly intelligent and teaches universal truths delivered with practical advice. I am grateful for her ability to provide her expansive knowledge to me in a meaningful way. During my 3 months of working with her, I would always received a comforting, supportive, non-judgement voice on the other end, yet honest enough to keep me accountable. I grew to look forward to our weekly call.  She’s amazing at what she does and has assisted me to the next level in so many aspects of my life, including my personal health goals. I highly recommend her to others, especially those who are ready to experience a true shift!”

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